Being explored on flickr

Being explored on flickr (a photo sharing site) is a bit strange. Sometimes on flickr images I have been really pleased with just don’t get many views, few ‘likes’ and most receive only a handful of comments at a time.

I never expect to get explored on flickr and the first time it happened was odd… comments, likes, new followers and so on. It was great to have my photographs being seen by a wider audience and I make a point of visiting the photo streams of anyone that clicks ‘like’ on one of my images.

Most of the photos that have ended up on the flickr explored pages I have been reasonably happy with but one was added on the 20th January 2017 and it has completely baffled me.

For me it is almost a disposable image that was snapped for my 365 photo challenge. To be honest, while I did go through the settings, composition and everything that a “real photographer”goes through; the latest photo into ‘explore’ was also a bit of an experiment with my fuji XT2.

The light bouncing off the table and hitting the flower caught my attention and I just wanted to see how the XT2 would work in the low light.

I’m loving my Fuji and carry it most days… 365 project!

Oh yes my flickr explore image can be seen on my photo stream.


Jim Jimmy James

Jim Jimmy James Photography



  1. Interesting to hear how you are getting on with the XT-2, and if you reckon it is worth the money. I had a decent trawl through your Flickr stream recently, and there is much to enjoy there.
    Cheers, Pete.

    1. Its very light, easy to carry, easy to use. Money wise is difficult really. I think because I have been spoiled with the full frame canon that I use for most portraiture and the low light gig photography I find the price of the XT2 a little more than it perhaps should be at the moment but that is the problem with getting something new on the market. That said, the price is holding so I guess many other people think it is worth the money. If it was £300 cheaper I’d say it was a steal. £150 cheaper and I’d say it was reasonable. I might be doing it an injustice?! I do carry it around a lot and I really like it.

      1. Thanks for that mate. I have been considering the MFT Panasonic G80 with a 12-60 lens. Seems to do pretty much everything, and a bigger chip than my X-30. Currently £700+ as a kit, but might come down when another new model appears.

  2. I haven’t bothered much with Flickr for quite some time now. I found it a bit of a drag with all of the ego stroking. And Yahoo seem to have neglected it a bit.

    I’ve just looked at your stream, and I agree with Pete; there is much to enjoy. There is a definite style in your work.

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