Month: May 2015


I had a text notification or push notification or alert or whatever it is we are supposed to call them…

It was from WordPress and it was informing me that I have 100 followers. Its actually 101 now thanks to The Nomad Dad who is starting a second blog about a road trip he is undertaking across the USA. I don’t think he has ever commented on any topics but clicks the occasional like so I hope he has found something interesting.

My 100th follower is a youngster called Natalie & the person that has been with me right from the start is BeetleyPete who is slightly more advanced in years and enjoying his retirement.

There are those that subscribe by email, those that are doing the self promotion thing and those trying to flog something.

Whether you comment, click like or just follow and read the occasional post I hope you’ve seen some improvement in my photography. If you are someone starting out blogging or photographing our surroundings I’d really like to think you’ve seen something useful or taken an idea that you can develop.

In the big picture of the blogging world 100 followers is tiny BUT for me its a humbling surprise that anyone would follow never mind 100!

For the most part it is pretty anonymous but whoever you are, Thank You.


Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James