Month: February 2016

A Mexican Visitor

Actually I don’t know if my visitor was a Mexican or just happened to be in Mexico when they visited my blog.

The analytics thingy that I have is limited. Well they are either limited or I just don’t know how to use them to their full potential.

So, other than knowing that they read a number of posts, I have no idea what posts they read. However, my Mexican visitor stayed and read several posts in one sitting.

No comments & no likes…. No clue as to the purpose of spending the time with my blog.

Did they find something interesting? I do hope they are not learning English and using my site for grammar tips?!

Maybe they were looking for examples of pour grammar and really oblivious smelling mistakes??

Joking aside, the English language has a number of words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. For example: To, Too & Two. I or Eye. Rose and Rose… There are so many examples. The term for this is named Homophone.

I’m most definitely not the right person to give an explanation or examples of homophones, homographs and heteronyms but I do know a blogger that could and probably would have a lot of fun with this.

Back to my Mexican visitor…Maybe, like me, they are on a little voyage of discovery with the world of photography?

Unless people comment or send mail, those of us blogging will never know what someone likes or dislikes in our blog.

To my Mexican visitor, thank you for having a look around. I hope you found something useful in my pages.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James

Small world…

My wife and I popped into My Place at 21 Berwick Street in Soho. As I am on an Irish Coffee mission. That was what I ordered and I have to say it is definitely in the top two that I have had. More about that when the time is right!


I had been reading a book about Ben Sherman clothing. Those that read the blog will know that I am loyal to a couple of brands and with regards to Ben Sherman shirts; I have worn them for about thirty-five years.

I bought this book at  Ben Sherman in Carnaby Street after seeing it on a shelf at My Place. My intention was to use this book as a reference for a portrait project.


So why am I telling you this and why have I titled this post ‘a small world?’

While in Camden I got talking to a man and woman. The lady turned out to be Mrs. Sherman. Yes, The Mrs. Sherman.

We had a very brief chat and she told me about something she had seen in a shop that had tickled her….. It was a snide Ben Sherman!

I actually should have asked her if she would pose for my 100 strangers project but I had seven hungry friends with me and we were on our way for a Sunday Roast.

Unfortunately the 100 strangers project does not allow for arranged portraiture and they have to be from on the spot meetings.

The gentleman that was with her also knows people that my wife has worked with & fortunately really enjoyed working with.

A very brief encounter that made me think, not only does the internet make the world a smaller place but actual, the world is a small world.

Especially, I thought, when it turned out that they know ‘My Place’.



Jim Jimmy James





Getting seen…….

I’ve had another photo published. Might be time to try and get a press card. I wonder how difficult it is to get one? How you get sponsored? Is an agent required? How do you protect yourself from images being syndicated without financial reward…… Just thinking out aloud but if any photojournalists want to share their experience or other members of the general public you know the answers, feel free to educate me.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James

Book review #9

Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and Infamous. Author: Brian Smith.

I was very happy to be given this book as a christmas present. Not only is it about  photography, its about portrait photography; a genre of photography that I am developing a growing interest in.

The book ties in with a very personal project that I am also shooting for my level three city and guilds course.

A quick nosey at the back sleeve ‘about the author’ informed me that he is a photographer with a considerable pedigree.

Reading this book is fast & easy. It is almost as if the author is sat in front of you chatting about his work. Its relaxed and very readable.

The first few pages offer some insight into Brian Smith’s influences, his journey as a photographer and what we, as viewers might expect to get from this book.

I read on and at one point, I can’t remember exactly where, it started to feel a little boastful… ‘ I’ve shot this person, that person, been here and there! ‘ At this point I wasn’t so sure what, if anything was going to be learned from continuing with this book.

However, that was very short lived. There are great portraits in this book along with some information about the shoot and actually, what is being pointed out is not ‘I photographed this person here‘ in a showing off sort of way but more of a subtle nudge of inspiration; that with hard work, a bit of drive and determination, shooting interesting people in awesome locations is achievable to those that keep pushing doors open.

Throughout the book it is clear that the author has a passion for his photography.

As a reader you’ll find enthusiasm, humour and a number of very useful tips in this book.

I found the book extremely useful for my current project, where people are so busy, I literally have fifteen to twenty minutes of their time to get in, get set up and get my shot within only a few frames.

Location portrait photography is challenging enough without the added pressure of working super fast.

Reading Brian Smith’s Secrets of Great Portrait Photography: Photographs of the Famous and Infamous. certainly prepared me psychologically for the assignment I was undertaking.

I’m definitely going to be looking up more of Brian Smith’s work and would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in portrait photography.

For the record, I do not know the author and do not have links with anyone from the publishing company.

Thanks for reading this review.

Jim Jimmy James


Book review #8

Photography: The New Basics: Principles, Techniques and Practice. By Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins.


You’ll notice in this quick iPhone snap that this book is rather dog eared. I’m not sure why they call it ‘dog eared’ but there we are.

The reason it looks a little tatty is because it has been well used. It is one of those books that I have worked through and revisited a number of times.

Used in conjunction with a good book that is specific for your particular camera this is a suitable learning tool for all students of photography.

As well as providing technical advice on most aspects of digital photography, setting tasks and encouraging creative ideas, the reader is guided through storage and post production editing.

A well written, well laid out and easy to understand book.

Although this book is a few years old and could be updated with regards to newer cameras currently available on the market, I highly recommend this book and would go as far to say its a must for anyone learning photography.

Disclaimer: I was not given this book. As far as I know I have not met either of the authors & I do not know anyone involved with the production or distribution of this publication. 


Jim Jimmy James