365 challenge update

Don’t sound like much of a challenge does it?

Take a photo every day for a year is as easy as pointing the camera and click! I guess it should be that simple but there is that personal desire to capture an image that I am happy to put onto the World Wide Web. 

This is a personal project so on one hand it doesn’t really matter to me if anyone likes the photos or not. On the other; well its rewarding to feel that your efforts and work is appreciated. 

I have been posting black and white images onto tumblr so that I can keep the album together in one place. 

I have lots on at the moment and the biggest issue isn’t taking the photos but finding he time to get them edited and onto the site. 

If you’d like to have a peek at the album so far here is the link Right Here.

As always, feel free to like, comment, email questions and so on….

Kind regards, 

Jim Jimmy James 


  1. Like Pete, I had a good look. I’ll have the 24 and the 25.

    I agree that a 365 is a much more difficult undertaking than it sounds. I should know, I’ve started two. I’m not the sort of person who naturally grabs a camera and takes photographs all the time, so I found that once the initial rush disappeared, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself just to produce something worthwhile. I also found that if I had a couple of ideas one day, I would ‘save’ one of them for tomorrow instead of simply getting on with it while I was inspired.

    Good luck with the project, I’m glad that you’ve made it a little harder by sticking to an identifiable personal style. I’d have given that up right away!

    1. My biggest issue by far is finding time to upload the photos. By the way it was you posting somewhere about “even a lazy photographer needs a project” that has kept me looking for things to do. Cheers.

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