Getting close up.

I had a little feedback at college the other evening.

I was told that the work I show in class is good but I don’t take enough shots.

The teacher then went on to say that although I achieve what I’ve set out to get within a few frames he is not sure whether to complement or criticise me.

Friends that have been persuaded to model for me have been surprised at the time and effort that had gone into setting up my latest project (I will show these in a couple of weeks) but they have also voiced their surprise at how few shots I take and how quickly I have wrapped up the shoots.

I have been liked to someone shooting expensive film that doesn’t want to waste it.

I think that was also the teachers point. With digital I can play around and explore the different compositions without extra cost……. Experiment!

So in class we were asked to set up some lights and they had a model show up for a couple of hours; Actor: Mr Robin George.

I think this was to get us used to working with people we do not know and to start directing our subject.

I took some safe shots then took on board what I had been told about taking more frames.

I decided to go for the shots I don’t think my friends would be so keen on……. getting up close.





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Jim Jimmy James


  1. Close for me is always good. But there is something about the original, first photo that gets me. For me, you said all that needed to be said in that one, single shot.

      1. Thank you so much. I’ve been doing this for a long time. After many years you speak a language that’s uniquely yours. I know my language. That’s what I saw in your top photo… you said it all in that one shot.

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