Contacting Me

A friend had a look at some images I recently printed for my city & guilds project and commented that he would happily hang them on his wall at home.

A great coffee shop has also asked me to provide them with some photographs of their local area.

I have had some interest in my concert photography; some of my portraits have been overwhelmingly popular and I was recently asked about taking some portraits to be used for a couple of people to use as their professional on-line profiles.

The conversation with my friend progressed and it was clear that while I am not in a position to take on photography as a primary source of income, the above requests are well within my capabilities.

My friend then raised the question of how someone would buy any prints or hire me.

Well, people would get in contact and ask me.


Through my blog on Flickr and twitter!

How?……. Okay, I am not going to give you a word for word account of the conversation but the upshot is that my friend spotted something that I did not think about.

Up until today I did not have a contact page.

I have had some emails from people but I suppose they have had to search out how to contact me. So to make life a lot easier I now have a contact section on my blog.

So if you’ve wanted to comment on a post privately or have any enquiries please use my new ‘contact page’.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James

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