Advertising to Burglars!

Not my normal type of post and nothing fancy or clever with photography. Just two snaps and a bit of a moan.

Where I live there was a short lived spate of burglaries, thankfully we were not directly targeted but some of my immediate neighbours were. 

Its a dreadful situation that leaves people feeling angry and vulnerable. Not only do people loose sentimental and expensive property, there is also a psychological impact on the victims. 

I’m not going to give you references to pages and evidence, if you want that, search for it yourself, there is plenty of it out there. 

I’m just going to moan about Yellow Pages (I guess its on line?). 

Anyway, I came home to find a copy of yellow pages hanging out of my letterbox. 

So what you say. Well, yellow pages advertised the fact that my flat was empty. I’d like to thank those good folks at yellow pages for their consideration. 



Just a little miffed I thought, well these things happen and nothing happened to our flat. But thats not the point thought I; It shouldn’t happen! Life is to short to stress about it. Let it go. 

So I let it go. It was nothing but a minor irritant in my day. Short lived and quickly forgotten about.

Hmm, you are thinking/asking: If it was “nothing but a minor irritant…. Short lived and quickly forgotten about”, why are you posting about it?

Because I believe that in The UK we have regulations regarding mail drops and that any items should not be partially posted or door stepped (left on the doormat).

What do I find when I get home?

Yep! You guessed it. If the yellow pages are out so to is the British Telecom book. What do they do with it? Look……………

Image 1 

So thank you British Telecom for adding to my annoyance. You too advertised my empty home to would be burglars. 

I believe there is a £4000 fine to contractors that deliver these items without dealing with them properly. This was passed because it is a way that burglars spot homes where the owner/lessee is away for a day or two. 

Do you know what I did. I walked around and pushed the yellow pages completely through my neighbours letterboxes and I gathered up the BT books and left them by the lift of my block so that anyone that actually wanted one could take one. But what I really did was give up ten minutes of my life protect my neighbours homes. They don’t know that and that does not matter. I wished someone that was home had done it prior to my arrival home. But hey, some people are community minded and some aren’t. Thats life!

I’m pretty hacked off at the lazy incompetent toe-rags that were paid to deliver these books. I’m at a loss to find the right words to describe how I feel without swearing, so I will leave it at that.

But, what I will ask of you dear reader is this: If you see these books hanging out of your neighbours letterboxes or sat on their doormats, do the decent thing and move them. In doing so, you may well save one of your neighbours from going through a whole heap of heartache.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James 


  1. Well done for your community spirit Jimmy. They pay couriers a lot of money to deliver these things properly, and the advertisers inside pay hefty fees too. They should know about the inconvenience, and the fact that 90% of them end up in the rubbish, therefore landfill.
    Cheers, Pete.

    1. Just seems that no one wants to do a job properly anymore. Frustrating!

      On the subject of landfill, I have been recycling for about 18 months (ish). I can not believe how much stuff we used to bin. Its totally bonkers how much unnecessary packaging is used.

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