Its like Déjà vu but its not Déjà vu.

There probably is a term for it bit I don’t know what it is. I’m certain a wordy linguist wordsmith type person somewhere will know the exact descriptive word I’m looking for. However, for the mean time we will just have to put up with my rambling.

I met a couple of friends at the weekend and we set off along the south bank with our cameras. I had a set idea of what I wanted to capture for an upcoming project/topic. I didn’t really see much of an opportunity to get what I was after so while Neil was getting location ideas, Matt was shooting architectural and street scenes I changed my focus and decided I would get some images for my 100 candid strangers project.

So I set about taking pictures of people. Some close up, some not so close up, some I felt comfortable taking and some not so comfortable.

I used a few tricks like placing one of my photographer pals in a shot and shooting over their shoulder or just past them. I did the old looking into the camera and shaking my head and pretending to be recomposing a shot so the real subject thought taking their photo was an accident. I took a few shots from the hip too.

Overall I’m reasonably happy with my success rate. While there were images that I was not so keen on, most were well exposed and in focus. Thats a step in the right direction. Especially on such a bright day with strong contrasty sunlight.

Anyway, the woman in the following image was not my intended subject. She was sat near the person I wanted to photograph. When I was reviewing the images I noticed her holding the camera and that she appeared to be looking straight at me and Matt, who, I was using as my decoy at the time. I chuckled to myself while thinking she must have known that Matt was being used as a distraction and has probably done the same herself. Either that or I really wasn’t very subtle at all. :/

Anyway, I suddenly thought that I’m sure I have seen her somewhere before. Yes that is a really naff chat up line or a coy and polite way of introducing yourself to someone that some people use. However, my day job is very much in the public eye and I come into contact with numerous people every day. So it is possible that I have seen her elsewhere. Also just to clarify, you will be pleased to hear that I didn’t suddenly blurt out “have I seen you somewhere before”. In fact I didn’t speak to her because I wanted natural shots of people.

I’ve used this cropped image because I much prefer this accidental capture to the image I was trying to get.

Stranger 60

One of my mates has an unbelievable memory when it comes to faces, he even remembers names and where they came into contact. Its bugging me that I think I know her but can not place her face.

Its like Déjà vu but its not Déjà vu.


As always, thanks for visiting.

Jim Jimmy James


  1. Well Jimmy, I don’t know who she is, so can offer little. She looks foreign to me, not unusual in Central London. It is a good shot though. The focus is spot on, and the crop is accurate and pleasing to the eye. Who needs more than that mate?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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