What to keep & what to delete…….

One thing I have not learned over this last year is to back up my files. I’ve been told time & time again but as of yet I have not really done very much about it.

This is probably because I have been lucky and not lost huge amounts of images or documents.

However it is something I am going to do over the next week.

The reason I have had to have a rethink on this is because I delete loads of images once I have finished with them…. gasps of horror I can hear being echoed as you’ve read that.

You might even have given your eyes a rub and re-read it to make sure you weren’t seeing things.

Some of my class mates also had looks of disbelief. Firstly that I don’t back up my images when it is so easy to do and also that I delete so many.

The thing is, I remove them to save space on my laptop. Yes Yes I know…. external storage. Like I said, I’m on it next week.

What has happened to make me document it to the www today?

Well, as I have said all along, this blog is my photography diary.

Today I wanted to find a couple of portraits I took a while ago; there are two reasons:

First off, the person is well known in certain circles and has a web page. It wouldn’t have done me any harm to send him a couple of jpegs in the hope that he would publish them to his page with a link to my work.

Hey, I’m just being honest & the reality is that is how it works. I want some exposure. Tell me a photographer that doesn’t….. Okay maybe a police officer in the forward intelligence team (FIT) doesn’t but that is an entirely different ball game.

Secondly and actually the primary reason I wanted to find the images was to re-edit them.

I have a better understanding of white balance, I have discovered the skin retouching tool in Lightroom & I just think I am equipped to do a better job with the photographs.

They were already of a good standard but I still think they could be improved.

Alas, that is not going to happen.

They must have been amongst some of the many images that I removed from my library.

The other thing I really need to look at next week is cataloging my images.

Personal tip to myself & any new/old photographers: Delete less & keep more.

Thanks for reading.

Jim Jimmy James.


  1. Once a hard lesson is learned Jimmy, it at least means it won’t happen again. Good luck with the back-up. I save things to Dropbox, but don;t have nearly as many as you of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Pleased to hear you’re not going to delete as many! And thanks for the reminder – I really must do more backing up of images.

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