Update on my 100 strangers!

Well I said I would update this blog on how my 100 strangers project was going but I had no idea it would be this quickly.

The project is on Flickr and I don’t usually get more than a couple of hundred views over a few weeks and only occasionally get comments and feed back on the images.

Here is my stranger number four. Surprisingly to me, this portrait was picked up by Flickr Explore. I don’t really know much about them other than they pick images that are considered interesting.

What do they consider interesting? I’m also not too sure about that. I do know that being invited onto their page is held in high regard and it brings a lot of traffic to view the image.

Ordinarily if anyone comments or likes an image I try to visit their photo-stream with the intention of returning any complements, finding some inspiration and hopefully finding an image or description I can learn from.

The 100 strangers project has already been great for feed back but oddly, and this is why I am blogging an update on the project already.

In the album I only have four images and two of those have been shown In Explore.

The latest image has had over seven thousand views and currently has 79 favourites (That is like the ‘like button’ on wordpress and facebook).

The same happened a while ago on the Viewbug site.

The number of views and likes is small compared to many of the great photographers on Flickr but none the less its exciting to think that so many people have seen a portrait that I have taken. I feel very privileged to be invited to the ‘In Explore’ page and very flattered that so many people have kindly clicked the like button. It will be interesting to see how many more people view the image.

I’m not going to have time to visit all those pages but have visited a few and will select a few more to look through.

If you happen to be one of those that have taken the time to visit my images and even clicked like; Thank You.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James


  1. Well done, Jim! Whilst I don’t know what the colour image looks like (would be good to see it some time), I like the black and white version – seems to suit the image.

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