100 strangers

Small world…

My wife and I popped into My Place at 21 Berwick Street in Soho. As I am on an Irish Coffee mission. That was what I ordered and I have to say it is definitely in the top two that I have had. More about that when the time is right!


I had been reading a book about Ben Sherman clothing. Those that read the blog will know that I am loyal to a couple of brands and with regards to Ben Sherman shirts; I have worn them for about thirty-five years.

I bought this book at  Ben Sherman in Carnaby Street after seeing it on a shelf at My Place. My intention was to use this book as a reference for a portrait project.


So why am I telling you this and why have I titled this post ‘a small world?’

While in Camden I got talking to a man and woman. The lady turned out to be Mrs. Sherman. Yes, The Mrs. Sherman.

We had a very brief chat and she told me about something she had seen in a shop that had tickled her….. It was a snide Ben Sherman!

I actually should have asked her if she would pose for my 100 strangers project but I had seven hungry friends with me and we were on our way for a Sunday Roast.

Unfortunately the 100 strangers project does not allow for arranged portraiture and they have to be from on the spot meetings.

The gentleman that was with her also knows people that my wife has worked with & fortunately really enjoyed working with.

A very brief encounter that made me think, not only does the internet make the world a smaller place but actual, the world is a small world.

Especially, I thought, when it turned out that they know ‘My Place’.



Jim Jimmy James