I might have said this before, if I have then I apologise for being repetitive. I don’t get architectural photography.

Thats not to say that I do not like it, I just can not get it.

Not that I have gone out of my way to read any useful hints and tips but when I look at architectural images I like, I’m just not that good at breaking down the image and figuring out what it is that I like and why they look so different from mine.

Occasionally I will just point at something and click my button just to see what I get, sometimes its just to see what sort of reflections I capture, other times it is to see what I spot in the image that I didn’t see while taking the photo.

Does that sound odd? If so, I have included a snap of reflections from two windows running along The River Thames, there is a little security tag on the brickwork where the security guard uses one of those bar code scanners. Easy to remove from the image if I wanted to but also something I hadn’t noticed until looking at the image on my laptop.

I normally just delete these pictures and only take them to force myself to look a bit harder when I’m in the position to take my time composing an image.

So its just a handful of images that I was going to delete but decided to add as a post so I can review my progress throughout next year. Yes that means I will be planning a few architectural shoots for 2015.

IMG_2737 IMG_2995 IMG_2999 IMG_3318  IMG_3400 IMG_3519 IMG_3532 IMG_3534

Thanks for looking,

Jim Jimmy James.

One comment

  1. I think it is worth persevering with architecture Jimmy. I say this this, mainly because you live and work in London, which has some of the finest samples you will find anywhere, and a great diversity too. I used to use a 24mm, as I didn’t mind the ‘converging verticals’, and thought that the wide-angle distortion added to the photo. Not many agree!
    When I was still shooting fast B+W film, on a Canon T90,(best camera ever) I found that a day out at Canary Wharf gave me the chance of a great variety of shots. The buildings, obviously, the river, goes without saying, but also the small things. Portraits of lunching office workers, benches, seats, tube stations, traffic lights, deserted tunnels. It’s all there mate.

    Picture 2, of the stairs. Not sure Jimmy. What is supposed to feature? It is mainly the handrails in focus. I might have gone with a much smaller aperture, got it all in. Just a thought. You might have needed a tripod or support of course. The others all have their merits though.
    Cheers old friend. Pete.

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