Post Fools Day!

So April the 2nd got me out of Saturday’s ‘Monday morning blues’.

No banana for brunch!! I had a fab breakfast in bed up & out to shoot some rehearsal images for a mates band, out for dinner with the wife & a quick catch up with some friends. All in all a much better day, as were the third and today.

A little bit of axe playing at home, some reading, some photography and I’m almost ready to go back to work tomorrow. Its been nice to have some time off and even have a good nosy around the world wide web looking for a bit of inspiration for my 365 project. Its tough to do. Really tough and I have struggled.

I think it was on flickr or somewhere that I got directed to a blog of a fella that was doing a 365 of selfies. If you know me or follow my flickr, instagram or on here, you’ll know I hate being on the lens side of the camera so when I had a look at this blog here: Idiot with a camera. I did my norm and headed to the beginning. Why? Well I like to look at the images at the beginning and then see how their photographic style and content may have changed. It just makes sense to me, in fact the only reason I have a blog page is primarily so that I can look back over the pages and see how I have grown as a photographer, if at all…….

Anyhow I ended up getting drawn into the above blog partly because the selfies were not the kind that scream Hey! Look at me.

They also appear to be mostly normal day-to-day images and not the elaborately planned style found here. Again, great photographs but for different reasons.

One thing that is very clear reading his blog is that Australia and the UK appear to be worlds apart.

Another person whose life is worlds apart from mine is that of Sir Elton John. I went to see an exhibition at the Tate Modern today The Radical Eye.

Hells teeth he has a lot of important photographs and it was great to see some of these in this format rather than published in a book.

So, hopefully if you followed the links you are not all photo’d out for the day because here is one of mine from today:


These people had become art as they walked around a smoke/dry ice installation. It was really interesting to see how different people behaved while we observed them.

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BT Tower

There is loads of stuff I could look up about the BT Tower and tell you. I can tell you about threats & concerns someone would bomb it. In fact I vaguely remember something about a bomb going of in the tower and that being the reason for the restaurant being closed. I guess I should add that it was actually The Post Office Tower at the time and this occurred long before I was ever aware of such things. I think it was in the very early 1970’s so I was either a baby or just a very young lad.

I could tell you facts like when it was built, how tall it is and lots more but I’m hoping you’re here to look at my photos rather than learn about the post office / telecom tower.

Okay, now I’ve mentioned those things I feel obliged to fill you in with at least the details from above.

The 33rd floor was bombed and it did result in the restaurant being closed. It has opened and closed a couple of times and was recently opened for a charity event.

The tower started to be built in 1961 and is 620ft.



The images were taken on the Fuji XT2 © 2016 Jim Jimmy James

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I might have said this before, if I have then I apologise for being repetitive. I don’t get architectural photography.

Thats not to say that I do not like it, I just can not get it.

Not that I have gone out of my way to read any useful hints and tips but when I look at architectural images I like, I’m just not that good at breaking down the image and figuring out what it is that I like and why they look so different from mine.

Occasionally I will just point at something and click my button just to see what I get, sometimes its just to see what sort of reflections I capture, other times it is to see what I spot in the image that I didn’t see while taking the photo.

Does that sound odd? If so, I have included a snap of reflections from two windows running along The River Thames, there is a little security tag on the brickwork where the security guard uses one of those bar code scanners. Easy to remove from the image if I wanted to but also something I hadn’t noticed until looking at the image on my laptop.

I normally just delete these pictures and only take them to force myself to look a bit harder when I’m in the position to take my time composing an image.

So its just a handful of images that I was going to delete but decided to add as a post so I can review my progress throughout next year. Yes that means I will be planning a few architectural shoots for 2015.

IMG_2737 IMG_2995 IMG_2999 IMG_3318  IMG_3400 IMG_3519 IMG_3532 IMG_3534

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