Just too busy!

I have a few photography projects I want to do but I have just been far too busy.

The joy of shift work with unsocial hours being the primary commitment from getting my teeth into something.

I managed to drag myself out today and headed over to Richmond Park with the intention of getting some Landscape images.

Due to time constraints I could not get there for the golden hours of sun rise or hang around for sun set. Besides, the weather was pants!

However, I managed to get a few images that I like. Landscapes are not something that particularly interests me, I like a nice view, I enjoy the countryside, I like looking at other peoples landscapes and appreciate both the painted artwork and images captured by photographers with a better eye and understanding than myself.

That is in part why I headed out to get some practice. I have been wondering if I should concentrate on areas of photography that I am interested in but decided in order to improve I should not restrict myself to one or two genres at this time and I really need to get out and practice; after all, the more pictures I take the better I should get. Thats the theory behind most things isn’t it?!

Well I’m a way off of having a tacit knowledge of photography that allows me do things automatically. I would have loved to spend more time out and about today, but…. anyway, here are a few images that I am reasonably happy with:

ImageImageImageRicImage ImageImage


  1. Pretty good for something you don’t really want to do Jimmy!
    I use to use ‘grid view’ in the viewfinder, and a small cheap spirit level on the flash hotshoe. Combine the two, and you generally get a nice level horizon. But you seem to have managed that anyway mate.
    Cheers, Pete.

  2. Nice pics! I like the one with the log, and the one with the bench; they give really nice focal points.

    The black and white one has great lines in it, too, and really nice menacing clouds. Threatening weather often gives great landscape images.

    Well done.

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