March or Die.

It can sometimes be hard to decide what images to share with people. As a photographer it seems natural to want to show ones best images but sometimes the best technical or aesthetically pleasing isn’t the best for the text and story.

That kind of sounds like I’m making excuses for images that people might look at and think the composition and other aspects should or could’ve been done differently.

Yes they could but its about the story… March or Die is the title for a movie about the French Foreign Legion that I have seen but remember pretty much nothing of.

I have just returned from a trip to Fuerteventura and when I spied the landscape ahead of me it was the title of that movie that immediately sprung to mind. The wife didn’t find that very reassuring when I blurted that out as we strolled off into the hills.





I very nearly signed up to the French Foreign Legion when I was a lot younger. I think at 16/17 years old I was stubborn enough to have been mentally strong enough to cope and I’d like to think at that age I would have managed the physical demands but I was talked out of it. The whys, wheres, and hows are far too long winded for this ‘photo diary/blog’ but I do sometimes wonder how things might have panned out if that was the route I ended up following.

It would be great to have an opportunity to enrol on the training without having to commit time following that training but even if that was possible, I’m a lot older, heavier and most definitely not fit enough; I’d probably end up in hospital after day two. Thats if I’d managed to survive day 1!!!

Anyhow, back to the photos. All taken handheld with a Fuji XT2 and prime 35mm lens.

Thanks for stopping and looking at the images. Constructive comments always welcome.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy or James.

Just too busy!

I have a few photography projects I want to do but I have just been far too busy.

The joy of shift work with unsocial hours being the primary commitment from getting my teeth into something.

I managed to drag myself out today and headed over to Richmond Park with the intention of getting some Landscape images.

Due to time constraints I could not get there for the golden hours of sun rise or hang around for sun set. Besides, the weather was pants!

However, I managed to get a few images that I like. Landscapes are not something that particularly interests me, I like a nice view, I enjoy the countryside, I like looking at other peoples landscapes and appreciate both the painted artwork and images captured by photographers with a better eye and understanding than myself.

That is in part why I headed out to get some practice. I have been wondering if I should concentrate on areas of photography that I am interested in but decided in order to improve I should not restrict myself to one or two genres at this time and I really need to get out and practice; after all, the more pictures I take the better I should get. Thats the theory behind most things isn’t it?!

Well I’m a way off of having a tacit knowledge of photography that allows me do things automatically. I would have loved to spend more time out and about today, but…. anyway, here are a few images that I am reasonably happy with:

ImageImageImageRicImage ImageImage