Its good to laugh!

Its good to laugh but preferably with someone rather than at them.

We all like comedy. Actually that is a sweeping statement but I think, I guess, that even the most miserable of us like to have a little giggle once in a while. The occasional chuckle is supposed to be good for ones soul.

I sometimes wake up laughing or sometimes I just laugh in my sleep. I’ve also been known to have conversations and try to cook in my sleep. The most embarrassing of my sleeping activities was standing at the front door stark bollock naked with my boxer dog on his lead; I was trying to take him for a walk but thankfully I couldn’t get the door open.

When I say I sometimes laugh in my sleep, I do not mean a little hahah ha ha. I mean a proper raucous belly laugh. The sort that would ordinarily hurt your jaw, cramp your stomach and have tears streaming down your face. Its beyond me why this happens or even how on earth I don’t wake up.

I do have some pretty funky & weird dreams but that is for another place and time. I also have times when I never have dreams. But then I wonder if we dream all the time we are asleep and when we think we’ve not dreamt, we have but just don’t remember it?

Maybe you know and can fill in the blanks??

I managed to start straying away from the point I was going to raise on this post…. Comedy!

A couple of weeks ago I went to see a comedy show; a small place in South London and near Guys Hospital. (As a side note, the food was crap! It was so bad…. I’m not going to comment any further cos what I want to say may cause me some bad Karma. For that reason I will not even mention this pub’s name that is by the hospital, has a small stage upstairs and puts on comedy shows). The Guys & Gals that put on the show were fantastic. It was the fourth time I have been to a small small venue like this; actually its only the fourth time I have been to a comedy venue.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I wanted to make you aware of an all female comedy group, cohort, co-operative type set up called “All Made Up”. Some very clever improvised moments and they are very funny too.

If you like comedy and have never been to a comedy venue, why not give it a go? If you are London based why not go and see “All Made Up”? I believe their next gig is very soon but for more details about them and to see a list of dates they are performing, you can google them or do the easier think an Click Here! Click Here!

The venue was small, intimate and dark. A good opportunity to try and get some images in difficult circumstances.

I’m happy that I didn’t get in anyones way, I didn’t take too many shots so didn’t cause any noise disruption and got a handful of shots that I’m happy with.






As usual there is room for improvement.

Thanks for stopping, reading and looking at my images.

Kind regards, Jim Jimmy James.

One comment

  1. Good effort mate. I have never even tried theatrical/gig photography, so full marks for giving it a go. Like anything, it will improve with practice.
    Cheers Jimmy. Pete.

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