Where am I going?

I read a blog article by ‘C-Nic’; actually the article was by Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai. “C-Nic” is actually reference to this article which got me wondering where I want to go with my photography and if I’m doing it right?

So far I have enjoyed the weekly challenges on my 52 week Flickr group as this has forced me into learning how the camera works. 

I also couldn’t believe it when I was notified by ViewBug that one of my photos was in the top thirty for a competition and given an ‘Outstanding’ award by one of the judges. I only entered out of interest and hoped to get some feedback rather than thinking I had any chance of winning against experienced photographers.  

As expected, I didn’t win. I didn’t even place in the runners up group or probably have any chance of being voted the peoples choice. I could say its because the picture does not fit the standard for concert photography but then I would be falling into the circle that CJ refers to in her article which has made me think that perhaps I should try and get an idea of where I want to go with my photography rather than just tinkering about with my camera. Maybe its time to think about a genre of photography? Maybe I should just carry on as I am; after all, although the genres have their own unique problems they all have important factors in common.  

For example; the image from ViewBug may not be super sharp or of a quality we commonly see in our glossy magazines, but the composition does tell a story and that is in part what I think photography is about. 

The image called “The New View” is very much what gigs are like in this modern era of digital compact cameras and smart phones. When I was younger I used to get in the mosh pit and burn off so much energy that I never needed gym membership. Now its a bit of a mix of moshing and standing to one side to watch and listen to the show. But it seems a large number of people miss the real experience of the gig because they spend the entire show watching it through a tiny LCD monitor and actually stopping everyone else from seeing the full events unfolding on stage. 

So my picture tells a story and was noticed by one of the judges. 

Thats good enough for me.

So where am I going with photography? Am I doing it right? Am I heading along the right path to maybe being able to sell an image one day? Is that even what I want to be doing? 

I can honestly say I have no idea; Not a scooby.

I’m enjoying the learning process and I kind of guess thats all that matters at the moment. 

As my “Outstanding ViewBug Award” was for gig photography and this is my photo learning curve diary I guess a few recent concert shots would be appropriate. 

The following images were taken at The Borderline, London. October 2013. 








Thank you for visiting and please feel free to comment. 

 Jim Jimmy James

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  1. To get in the top 30 of anything photographic, and be commended by the judges, is a great thing indeed Jimmy, and to be shouted about! Well done to you, and don’t forget to tell everyone, any chance you get. Image and results mean a lot in this world, so don’t be shy of either.
    Cheers old mate, Pete.

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