Learning to see.

Okay so photography is about composition and having a different view on the real world. Its about learning to see things a little differently. Its about learning to see.

For example I was challenged to spell my name by photographing everyday objects but without photographing preformed letters.

I’m not going to post the full Jim Jimmy James…. We all know how boring that could be.

Its fair to say though, I found it an interesting challenge and found myself looking for the entire alphabet. But fear not, I will not be posting  A through to Z; just James.

That will be more than enough to give you an idea of what I mean and then you can go out into the big bad world and stare at it as intently as I did.

If you do give it a go, be aware of the people around you. Personally I found some of the extremely baffled and inquisitive looks highly amusing.

But on a serious note, someone on the short course I have signed up to found himself in a position that could have gone horribly wrong when two less than desirable chaps wanted to relieve him of his camera. Fortunately the would be pilfering pests didn’t get away with any of his photography kit and equally fortunate that the toe-rags (Thats keeping it very very very polite) were a pair of cowards and didn’t cause him any harm either.


‘J’…. A park bench arm rest.


‘A’… Small section of a fence.


‘M’… this was taken from a large metal gate.


‘E’…. fairly obviously once you start looking and get the old box into that mind set.(Traffic lights!).


‘S’… A manky old pipe in an underground car park.

Thanks to Charlotte Ashworth Photographer and lecturer at Morley College for the very big nudge in the right direction to start looking… Learning to see.

I currently have no links for Charlotte’s own work but once I do, I shall share it.

Thanks for taking a peek at my photography diary and I hope to see you here again soon.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James.


  1. I’ve completed a very similar project and found it really was a great way to help me look at things differently, notice details etc. I was looking for a z and found a z-shaped crack in the glass of a phone box. A child went past with one of his parents and asked them, very loudly, why that lady was taking the photo of the phone box. Gave me a chuckle. I rather like the idea of being considered a crazy camera lady!

      1. It wasn’t so bad once I got going, though there were a few letters that I struggled with and got a little frustrated trying to find!

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