A trip up north.

With mixed emotions we headed up to The Highlands.

There is a joy at catching up and socialising with friends and family but also a sadness due to the purpose of the trip; ashes placed at a family grave and within the childhood village of my mother-in-law.

As usual the trip was far too short. I consider myself a Londoner but I was not born in London. I am, as my mates call me; a sweaty or to give you the full term ‘Sweaty Sock‘.

I don’t know why and can’t really explain it but, I feel my most relaxed in Scotland. That said, I am perfectly happy living in the hustle and bustle of London. Its home!

I got my hands on a Canon G5X and took a few photos whilst away. I wonder if it might be that camera that is the perfect travel companion for when top quality images are not needed and for when reasonable photos are required but without having to carry different lenses around.

The camera is easy enough to use, especially as I only use Canon. Unfortunately lightroom does not recognise the raw files for this camera yet and I only have jpegs to play with for the time being. (yes I can use other raw converters but at this time I do not feel the need).


©2016 Jim Jimmy James.  Loch Ness – Taken with Canon G5X 

I did not have a tripod and this image was taken hand held.



Royal Marine Memorial – ©Jim Jimmy James – Canon G5X 

I have never been to this memorial to The Royal Marines  on a bright warm day. It has always been cold, overcast or raining. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I have always found this to be one of the most sombre & makes me feel most reflective?

These images are not of the highest quality but so far the Canon G5X looks promising as a lightweight day trip camera.

Thanks for visiting…

Jim Jimmy James

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