I’ve lots of projects on the go at the moment and they are currently very time consuming.

The Punk / Oi! singers project is coming to a close and I only have one more autograph to get in the book before one of these limited edition prints will go on raffle for a charity.

As someone without record label or magazine links it has been a long process and I only managed to get ten of the twenty portraits that I wanted.

That said, I didn’t cast my net too wide and only approached those that matter to me. Most of the vocalists that I didn’t’catch up with was purely and simply down to our diaries not matching up and most have agreed to be photographed in the future.

I enjoyed the project a huge amount. Its great to shoot something you have a deep care for.  Its probably a bit naff sounding but I’m glad my accidental falling into the genre of portraiture has given me the opportunity to photograph those that have had some influence on more than just my musical taste.

Its good to be busy and its good to be in a position to turn some stuff down but its also bloody frustrating when turning down shoots you really want to do.

The people I shot for this particular project have all worked with photographers through their careers and I wonder what their views are of those photographers. Who are the plonkers, the nice guys, the impatient, the slow, the fussy, the quick, the no mess……

Somewhere in the archives of this blog you will find one, two or more references to Nick Knight. I’ve never met him, I’m not convinced we would see eye to eye on world matters and politics but I do like his work and he does seem to have a way of getting the best from his subject matter.

I was given a link that I’m more than happy to share. Its Nick Knight interviewing models to get an idea of their perspective of shoots. Just click here to be taken to the its nice that link & Interviews.

Getting feedback from people you work with is a great way of learning what works and those things you might want to change. I’d be intrigued to know what people think of myself and where I fit on that ‘plonker – nice guy scale’ or ‘unprofessional – professional scale’ but I’m not entirely sure I’d want to hear it….. tough one… Interesting!

Until next time.


Jim Jimmy James


Like all good students of photography I go around the occasional gallery or pop into art shops to try and find inspiration; to look at the work of other photographers and try to figure out what I like, what I don’t like and how I want my own work to look.

While in Berlin I visited The Helmut Newton Foundation. I knew nothing about him and still know very little.

Something that put me off the exhibition and wanting to know more about this photographer was a diary entry that stated he should open a museum to himself.

It just didn’t sit right with me. Not just the statement; on its own it could be taken very much as tongue-in-cheek but I got the impression it was not a light hearted diary entry and that he may well have been a very vein person.

The lay out and atmosphere in the gallery may not have anything thing to do with him and he is clearly a good photographer. Clearly!

However I quickly became aware that I was not going to walk out of the building as a fan. The opposite is probably true. There is a very fine line between confidence, over confidence and arrogance.

While I find the cover image below to be nothing more than a bit of harmless fun that is a bit cheeky (Sorry but I am a child of the 70s & 80s) the rest of his work left me feeling a little cold.


There seems to be a definite arrogance towards women where females were nothing but objects and treated like mannequins. I have tried to rationalise just how sexist his work appeared to me, as part of ‘that generation’ but again, it just doesn’t sit right me.

Something about the work displayed sat very uncomfortably with me and I hope my work never leaves anyone feeling as cold.

I should perhaps research him a little more as I may well be doing him a dreadful injustice but this wasn’t a first impression judgment made in thirty seconds. I spent a fair bit of time in the gallery.

For now my personal opinion stands and rather than looking at more of his work I should be out taking my own photos.

(I am happy to be corrected on this post and would welcome direction to sites you think would make me better informed).


Jim Jimmy James.