Busy Busy Busy……

I’m very conscious that I’ve not posted in a while, or at least it feels that way.

You’ll assume by the title that I have had a great deal to do, and you’d be correct.

Work and college have demanded a lot of my time and my time management for my final college submission has been less than organised.

Actually much of my time has been taken up with researching the kind of shots I want to produce, learning a little more about lighting and reading legislation around the UK firearms laws.

Interestingly, well it is to me; there was a time when novelty lighters in the shape of handguns/pistols/revolvers seemed… not common but just available and easy to get a hold of.

That is no longer the case. Neither can I get hold of a realistic looking toy or replica without breaking the bank.

You might be wondering what the hell I’m talking about firearms for?

Well…. props!

Now’t exciting going on in my world. I am not about to try and rob a bank or anything that might endanger myself or others. Though I am sure my web-search-browsing malarky-thingy has likely triggered some sort of warning/alarm on some Government agency watch list.

However, The clever people that they are, will see that I am just looking for props for some photographs I want to make.

Those are not the only props that have been difficult to find on the cheap. Rotary telephones and typewriters seem to have shot up in value. Luckily I was able to hire a couple of items and super cheap too; cheaper than a pack of smokes!

I don’t smoke and thought I would add some cigarettes to the mix, in an attempt to add a smidgen of authenticity, well not authenticity but definitely in keeping with the genre I’m hinting at.

I was seriously shocked…… Nine quid! …….. £9 for a box of twenty cigarettes! makes me wonder how so many people can afford to smoke but that is another discussion.

So, the inquisitive might be asking ‘what is he shooting?’

Those that read my blog or just know me might be thinking I am just rambling in my rambling thinking out aloud way that I sometimes do.

I’m gonna post two pictures and I would like your opinions please……

My college project is influenced by film noir.

Note I said “INFLUENCED”.

I would love to have the time and budget to be strict on details and keep items and clothing within the classic 50s film noir style but alas, no time and no big budget!

So I’m working on a noir style project.

As I said I am after an opinion between two images that might make the final selection but I can not decide between the two.

A handful of friends have suggested the tighter crop from the two images.

A few of my fellow students have kindly had a peek on the college’s student website/forum and also given useful feedback.

There are pros and cons for both images and I am leaning towards one more than the other but your opinion will help me make my final decision so please do feel free to give your opinion.

As always, constructive critique (open response or privately) is always appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James.