Garry Bushell


Improvising and having a pragmatic approach is something I have learnt that photographers have to get used to. Especially if they are not the sort of person that sits down and writes a check list (note to self… consider a check list!).

Actually it might have been a bit sad to have done a check list when just heading out for a Ruby and a cheeky half  or two!!

I was very kindly invited along to my second meal with The Punk Rock Curry Club by Garry Bushell. I do try to carry a camera of some sort most of the time and decided to take my Fuji XT2 along for the night rather than my usual Canon kit. Partly because the Fuji is smaller and less intimidating for people and because I bought a new Godox flash & wireless trigger that I wanted to try out.

The flash is as big as the camera but it all fits rather neatly into a little camera bag. Something I would not have been seen with in my teens & twenties & perhaps even my thirties as it looks a little nerdy… Heck! Even just having a camera wasn’t really seen as cool….. Oh how things have changed!

[At this point I adamantly refute any allegation of standing in the mirror trying to figure out how to hold a small camera bag; trying to look a little less like I’m carrying a man bag.] 

You might be thinking so he has a camera, wireless trigger and flash, that all sounds good so where or why did he need to improvise? I’m getting there…

I forgot the bloody battery for the flash and unfortunately the flash does not use any of the batteries you can buy in any old corner shop or petrol station, so I was a bit stuffed. The available light in the pub & the curry house was not really sufficient to get any really good photos. I took a few but can’t say I was overly impressed with them. I thought a high ISO and then pushing the image a little in editing might work but nah! What I should have done was just set the ISO a bit higher and I might not have had such noisy photographs.

I did however decide to improvise a little as we were heading back to the pub.

I haven’t taken any portraits for a while and haven’t really given this camera a decent work out to see what I can do with it. Nor have I given any real thoughts to night portraiture. So here was an opportunity but I had to make the most of available light and spotted a fried chicken take away on the high street provided my much-needed improvised light-source (Looking back at older posts light seems to be a constant theme).

Jose Olan

Fuji Xt2 – Fuji XF35mm ISO 3200 f/3.2 SS 1/160

Jose Olan & Jet Baker : Jet Baxter

Fuji Xt2 – Fuji XF35mm ISO 3200 f/3.2 SS 1/160

Thank you & good luck to Jose Olan who is currently on tour in the UK with Bad Manners   I hope he has a great time. Thanks also to Jet Baker of Buster Shuffle for standing around in the cold to have a portrait taken.

As usual a big thank you to you for stopping, reading my sometimes rambles and for looking at the images.

I haven’t posted in a while and will be unlikely to post again before Christmas but will hopefully get a chance to respond to any comments. So based on that I hope it’s not to early to wish you a happy Christmas and a healthy fun-filled 2018.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James.

No photos in this post…

So I popped into Rock ‘n’Roll Rescue for a pre arranged photoshoot with Knox and I now have four of the twenty images I hope to have for my college project.

I’m a little concerned about the time frame because I need to have the edited images ready to send for print in mid February to allow time for any re-edits and printing if needed.

Its going to be a bit of a push to get this done while working full time & that also being shift work…. I start a three week training course at work and that is either really gonna screw me over or work out very well by freeing me up in the evenings. Positive thoughts….

In reality I need ten portraits but twenty would allow me to produce the project in a way that if the results are as good as I hope, I might even be in a position to raise some money for two charities.

You might be wondering who I’d pick? Personally it would crisis but in this case maybe Jail Guitar Doors would be one. I hadn’t heard of them until I attended a gig & film screening in Camden earlier in the year; ‘I need a dodge’ They (the charity) recently started doing some work in the UK and I’m guessing it seems to be a worthy charity that the subjects I am photographing would all agree on.

The other that I assume would meet the subjects approval is Rock ‘n’ Roll Rescue.

As I said, I popped into the Camden shop on Wednesday to photograph Knox. I had an idea of how I wanted to shoot him but the shop does not offer much space. At the time I visited there was a lot of coming and going so the shoot was a bit quick with only eight frames being taken. My lecturer will have something to say about that.

I had a good chinwag with knox after and a great photo opportunity arose when he was sat on a small bench seat with a very friendly dog called “fatty” that he was dog-sitting.

Unfortunately I had already packed my kit away as I was heading off to see someone else. My lecturer don’t need to say anything about that! I didn’t even have my point ‘n’ shoot handy. Ahhrrggg!!

Disappointingly the later shoot fell through at the last minute.

It was an interesting visit to the shop. I met Johnny Deluxe not to be mistaken for the band with the same name. Mr JD would be an awesome voice over for my film noir images. I may well have to approach him about potentially doing a collaboration project. I think he’d also have some cracking stories to tell; some outrageously scandalous and some very very funny. An interesting character.

I also bumped into Sulo Karlsson (what a nice Fella) of The Crunch who incidentally played at the Camden gig mentioned above.

He told me about a project he has completed with Gary Johnson Punk/Oi! Poet who is on some of my old compilation albums. They put some of the work to music and I had a chance to listen to a couple of the tracks. I am under strict instruction to not reproduce any of the work here.

I have mixed opinions on what I heard. The reggae style tracks sound very polished and are not to my personal taste. I do like old ska, two tone and I guess what we might call third and fourth wave ska-core but there is something very European about what they have produced; its almost to well timed if that makes sense? That is not necessarily a bad thing and I can see a lot of people liking this very polished sound.

There are a couple of tracks that really stand out for me and I think the album will get the rightfully deserved attention from those that like this style of poetry (There are still some spoken word tracks) and the genres of music produced.

Sulo said he was meeting Garry Bushell in studio to produce a podcast. Garry is also on my list of people to photograph for this project and I would have loved to have been able to take a portrait in the studio environment.

I would guess that he will be reviewing the reworking of Gary Johnson’s work with Suol. I’m also very sure it will be a much more considered and in depth than mine. As you’d expect with him being the professional. You can follow the link to find out what he has to say.

I caught up with Garry prior to this blog post that failed to post so the title should be changed…

No photos in this post…. Okay maybe one.

This is not the photo of Garry that I will be using for the project but one I thought would be fun & thankfully he was up for the challenge of holding a guru style pose.

The location was cluttered so I had the challenge of removing Garry from one image and using another background. Easy! I can hear a huge number of photoshop, gimp, (other software brands are available) say… well yes if you use those tools frequently. My general photography is more honest and you tend to see what I shoot. So this was a challenge. A time consuming challenge when I have numerous email to fire off and a deadline that seems to be closing in faster than I imagined it would.


Garry Bushell.  Oi! Oi! The Guru.

Garry is the man to ask about punk, oi!, ska & such related subjects. He is also the front man for The Gonads. Making him an obvious candidate for the project. I’m also very relieved to say that I can report to y’all that Garry is a sound bloke.

I am going to have a few busy weeks ahead of me… so may not be back for a couple of weeks. However, please feel free to comment or share any handy editing tips.
Jim Jimmy James