Glengoyne Distillery

It feels a little wrong to leave the G5X without showing some of the better shots.

On a recent trip up north we visited The Glengoyne Distillery en-route to the highlands.

Actually Glengoyne is on the outskirts of Glasgow and is considered to be The Highlands. It is located on the most southerly point, right on the boundary of the highlands. In fact, the whisky is distilled in the highlands and then matured right across the road but in the lowlands.

We had a tour that was very kindly arranged by my wife’s cousin’s husband.  As you would expect, this included a few tipples for myself and my better half was the nominated driver that had the joys of driving a tipsy back seat driver.

At the end of the tour we (I) had a couple more generous drams in the old watchman’s house while we were told a bit more about the distillery’s history, their whisky and a few funny stories.

Its a much smaller place than I expected it to be but I’d say its worth a visit.

Here a couple of shots taken on the day. This time if there are any focusing issues it could be down to the whisky!

Glengoyne Distillery

 ©2016 Jim Jimmy James / Glengoyne Distillery / Canon G5X

The main entrance to the distillery and visitors centre.

Glengoyne water!

©2016 Jim Jimmy James / Glengoyne Distillery / Canon G5X

The small pond at the back of the site is fed from the hills above. This water was once used in the whisky but is now only used as part of the cooling process in the whisky production.

Glengoyne single malt

©2016 Jim Jimmy James / Glengoyne Distillery / Canon G5X

One of several vats used in the magical process of distilling the whisky.

Glengoyne casks

©2016 Jim Jimmy James / Glengoyne Distillery / Canon G5X

Casks on the lowland side of the Glengoyne Distillery. I believe they said they are used a maximum of three times and that this gives some difference in flavour and colour but I’d have to ask someone that wasn’t drinking.

Do visit the centre if you have an interest in the distilling process. Its a quick tour but interesting and the staff were really very nice.

Thats my final images I will share that were taken on the Canon G5X. For a one inch sensor I think they are pretty good. However if you are thinking about buying this camera, it does have limitations so please take a moment read my other posts.

As always, Thank you for stopping, looking at the images and reading my waffle.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James