bad parking


I’ve decided its okay to take snap shots with my iPhone.

They are never going to be the best images I produce but they may help with composition and anything that helps can only be a good thing.

It also means that I will not miss the odd shots like this:


It kind of sums up how inconsiderate us humans can be to one another. Although I am undecided who is more in the wrong, the driver or the riders.

Did the driver think “sod it, I’m parking here cos there is no other space”, were they taken unwell and pulled in at the first available space rather than clog up the road or was it perhaps just a genuine mistake?

One thing is for sure it is going to be a bit difficult to get out of that parking space.

Would I have parked my own bike to close to this car? Nope!

I wonder if people think the riders are being selfish or if they are justified?

Jim Jimmy James