I made a submission to the Taylor Wessing Photographic Competition to be exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery.

The images were portraits from my City and Guilds submissions but printed on higher quality paper and delivered directly from the printers that I used.

Note that I said to be exhibited and not to win a reasonable some of money.

I had hoped that I would have at least had one image short listed to be shown and yes there is always the smallest of chances that someone might see a piece of work and commission a further project.

I got knocked back……… I am very disappointed. I’m pulling a very disappointed face as I type.

Non the less, the people that I collected the image from were complementary of my efforts. Hmmm, maybe they were just being nice because I’m fairly certain I was pulling a very disappointed face as I collected my photographs from the depths of South London.

Actually I went there two days on the bounce. I work near to where they were stored and popped in to see how they were packaged and I had to return the following day with appropriate packaging, that as it turned out wasn’t large enough!

The staff were great, friendly and helpful.

So I’m looking forward to seeing the final selection that make the exhibition and shall try to keep an open mind.

After all my efforts and stressing about edits, where to print, what size and on and on and on…….

…..In keeping with my usual train of thoughts, typing ‘on and on and on’ reminded me of The Ariston Advert. That is completely unrelated to anything I intend to document here. However, there it is!

So, yes. After all my efforts I might just as well have printed and entered one of these snap shots taken on my phone…..

Ladies and Gents may I introduce Adam.



Just incase you are wondering about his name, when his cheeks are puffed out he looks like someone I work with.

Sooooooooo what next?


I have a couple of projects I want to do and I have signed up for the next level in City & Guilds. I have a sneaky feeling this level is going to be a tad more demanding and with recent changes to my shift patterns at work my entries here may become a little more add-hoc, but hopefully you will still find something of interest.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James