365 project week 1

I’ve had a while out from blogging because I decided to undertake a 365 day challenge….. A photograph everyday for a year!

Sounds easier than it is or did I make it more difficult than it needed to be?

I think I started off thinking everything needed to be a masterpiece, well exposed, sharp, well composed, artistic and, and on and on…

By the end of the project I realised that what I should have been doing was taking any old random shot from my day to day life as a safe shot or filler; that is any old photo to ensure I didn’t fail the project.

I’m glad to report that I figured this out and completed the challenge. Currently the images are all on Flickr but the way Flickr is set up I will be deleting many of the images; especially the fillers.

What really surprised me was how much I relied on my mobile phone for this challenge.

Here are the images from week one. If you click on them you can see the individual image and description or notes….

Thanks for stopping, thanks for looking, there is a tab for comments and these are welcome as is constructive critique as long as it is constructive or useful for anyone else thinking about taking on a personal challenge like this.

Also add a link to you 365 photo challenge. I’d like to see how you get on.

Jim Jimmy James

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