Like, Comment, Ignore.

Like, comment or ignore.

I’m happy with the traffic through this blog. As I have always said it really is just a place for me to document some of my images that I like, don’t like, want to share and those that I have learned from.

As such I don’t get hung up about my visitor numbers and I’m happy if someone has stopped to look at the images and perhaps even had an idea after reading my ramblings.

The numbers are reasonably consistent and sometimes I will have low visitor numbers with higher post views so I guess that just means that someone has read through the blog which is nice to see when it involves some of the much older posts.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 19.42.50

Screen shot. Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Taiwan for spending so much time on my blog. 

The screen shot above shows views but not per visitor. One visitor from Taiwan looked at twelve posts and forty posts another day.

I’m really pleased they might have found something of interest but what I do find a tad baffling is the  likes, comments and ignore part of blogging.

I dont interact a huge amount and could be more proactive at engaging with people, so I don’t expect many comments. However, the blogs I do read and do not comment on I tend to click the little like button and I will sometimes even click ‘like’ on comments made by others on other peoples blogs.

This is not to increase traffic to my own blog but because I have liked a comment or link that they posted.

My Taiwanese visitor has actually viewed 66 of my posts in total over the last few days but not a single like or comment.

While I kind of understand having no comments or likes when I have two visitors from the UK, a couple from the USA and then a few from other countries where the viewer has only read one or two posts I do find it a little disheartening when people look at lots of posts and do not like or remark.

This has happened a few times so maybe I need to accept that they just didn’t like anything or find anything worthy of commenting on.

I guess I’ll never know but thank you for stopping and viewing.

Happy New Year everyone.

Jim Jimmy James.


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Jimmy.
    I get those blips all the time. I once had someone in South Korea supposedly ‘read’ over 200 posts in one day. No likes, no comments. Some of the visitors are electronic, ‘scanning bots’ looking for keywords, tags, categories etc. Others are perhaps trying to learn English, or looking at images of other countries with very different cultures.
    I was confused a few years ago, with regular daily views from strange places like Bhutan. Then I was told that the CIA operate in those far-flung places, and might be monitoring blogs from there. That may well be fake news, but the thought of being ‘watched’ by the CIA actually cheered me up!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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