More bird trouble :(

After getting very excited about the window box nest and getting concerned about not wanting to disturb the mum to be (see previous blog post).

I got home this evening at about 21:00hrs and the plants in the window box have been disturbed. Its dark, cold and raining….. Mum to be, is not in her nest & two of the three eggs have gone.

The nest is intact and the egg that remains does not appear to be damaged. We do have some aggressive crows that in the past I have seen hunting new fledglings but now I wonder if they or the magpies have been at the nest.

Did mum to be see the nest being attacked, did she have a chance to try and fend off the egg predator, did she get injured or did she come back and find that two eggs were missing?

As she is not in her nest now, I’m guessing there is not much hope for the remaining egg.

The above shows how uneducated I am in matters of wildlife and anything even remotely related to ornithology.

I am very disappointed and surprised at how gutted I feel.

I guess thats life!

Actually is mum likely to come back and lay further eggs?

If so, is there anything we can do to protect the nest??

Kind regards, Jim…..


  1. Not able to help with the questions this time, but I am guessing that all sorts of predators will take eggs, especially rats, and other birds. Someone else might know if they will lay more eggs, or if they will abandon the nest now.
    Funny how quickly you can become attached to a wild bird, and her eggs…
    Cheers, Pete.

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