High standards, high expectations!

I don’t like to moan but if you read my blog about a faulty camera and the hassle to get it fixed, you’d be forgiven for thinking I am a moaning mini….. Truth be told, I like to do the best I can; I set myself high standards and this means I have high expectations.

Because of my expectations I am, at times left slightly gob-smacked when something happens that I just can not get my head around.

I like to walk, as someone that likes to take photos that is a bit of a bonus. As someone who loves his city, I fall in love with it the more I see it. I walk a lot. In doing so my jeans get worn out pretty quickly.

So, I had a pair of jeans with a slight fray and thought I would take them into a Levi store to have them repaired before they reached that point of no return.

I could not believe what they did… Not one for abbreviations and such modern thingamabobs  but OMG!!!!!

See what you think…..


iphonography! one small fraying area.


The repair! 

I am hoping that you are having a bloody good chuckle rather than thinking that looks okay. I can see that some people will not really have an issue with this but I really do hope that vast majority will be thinking ‘what the hell were Levis thinking with this repair’.

I could have done a better job than that, for most of my life I have been in a uniform… Cubs, Scouts, Army Cadets and on and on and even now I am still in uniform.

I’ve had to learn to iron and make minor repairs to clothing, my uniforms have always needed to be presentable; even in a pair of jeans I like to look presentable; this repair is not presentable. Not that many people would be looking at my crotch region; that’d be one way to make a fella feel paranoid!

So, I asked them to have another go and to make an acceptable repair… suggesting they start with the same colour thread.


The final repair…

This is the final repair & I have no complaints about this. I didn’t even ask for a reduced charge for the inconvenience of having to go back.

Were my expectations too high? I don’t think so.

I’m happy with the repair but I do wonder what on earth they were thinking about with the first repair and I wonder why a company as large as Levis would have such low standards as evidenced with the first repair, especially as they clearly have the ability to carry out repairs of such a good standard.

I don’t moan, I have high standards and as such I have high expectations….

Sometimes, somethings are worth challenging.

One comment

  1. It is hard to believe that the same company did the first and final repairs. The first one looked like it had been done by a chimp with a knitting needle!
    Well done for holding out, Jimmy. You got there in the end mate.
    Cheers, Pete.

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