Book review #8

Photography: The New Basics: Principles, Techniques and Practice. By Graham Diprose & Jeff Robins.


You’ll notice in this quick iPhone snap that this book is rather dog eared. I’m not sure why they call it ‘dog eared’ but there we are.

The reason it looks a little tatty is because it has been well used. It is one of those books that I have worked through and revisited a number of times.

Used in conjunction with a good book that is specific for your particular camera this is a suitable learning tool for all students of photography.

As well as providing technical advice on most aspects of digital photography, setting tasks and encouraging creative ideas, the reader is guided through storage and post production editing.

A well written, well laid out and easy to understand book.

Although this book is a few years old and could be updated with regards to newer cameras currently available on the market, I highly recommend this book and would go as far to say its a must for anyone learning photography.

Disclaimer: I was not given this book. As far as I know I have not met either of the authors & I do not know anyone involved with the production or distribution of this publication. 


Jim Jimmy James


  1. (The turned down corners of the pages look like the shape of a dog’s ears. Only certain breeds though…)
    A well-used book is an indication of its usefulness, and this one looks to be well-used indeed. Seems like a good general guide to getting started out in photography, and they are always worth having.
    Cheers mate, Pete.

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