City of Cranes

Over the last year I have gotten so used to having a camera of some description with me, my phone, a compact or a dSLR.

I had a fault with a compact camera that I previously blogged about and that has now been resolved. I will probably tell you all about that but that its for another time.

City of Cranes is a short play written by PJ – Beetley Pete. I am not writing about the play but have included the link for you to read if you so wish. Its very realistic so I would recommend it.

I’m in possession of my Canon S100 after it being repaired and happened to be on the roof of John Lewis. I was only on one side of the building but it was noticeable how many cranes there were in the skyline.

It reminded me a little of Pete’s play script and naturally was a good opportunity to take some images.

The good thing about the S100 is that its small enough to carry all the time and delivers good quality images. For me, it allows me to practice composition and to get quick images of places I’d like to return to.

Everyone knows the importance of compositional rules but something that only really struck home the other evening at a talk hosted by Photo London was intent.

Intent in composition is something that lecturer Paul Kemp keeps mentioning. I understood what he was saying but it didn’t really strike me until the Photo London talk where photographer Simon Roberts had work on display. Maybe it was the scale of the images or just very skilled composition that made the intent clear, I don’t know?! What I do now know is that I have a clear visual reference of intent in composition.

Roberts formed part of the panel which included Matt Flowers and was chaired by Zelda Cheatle.

As a photographer I got a lot out of the talk and will definitely attend others.

I started to get distracted there but that little fill in about the talk was as relevant as the talk to the images I am about to show and the reason I am chuffed to have my little S100 camera back. (Even if it does make me look like a tourist (Sara Roberts). Sara is a freelance graphic designer that has been really helpful in nudging/prompting me in the right direction to set up a website.

Onto the photos………





Do follow the links above & feel free to comment on the images.

Please also click here for my Canon Showcase and the link below to be taken to my website in progress (“Google analytics gold” PDK: Nov 2015)

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James

(Jim Jimmy James Photography)




  1. The website is looking good, Jimmy. The portraits look punchy on the clear background mate.
    Thanks for the mention. Your crane photos remind me of the views from my flat in Camden! It never changes, does it? Always bloody cranes…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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