Low Key Lighting – Gig Photography.

There are a couple of gig photographers that I guess I could reference such as Pennie Smith. Obviously as a long standing listener of Punk music her image on The Clash album stood out long before I even thought anything of photography. As did images by Ian Dickson whose pictures I was aware of long before hearing his name.

Occasionally I see an image and look up who a photographer was and may visit their pages every so often to see other work by them.

Although not new photographers and they are well established, more recently I’ve noticed work by Ami Barwell and Svenja Block.

So that is the influences referenced and from that you can safely assume that I like black and white images, low key lighting and live music photography.

I thought it was time to have another go at capturing some images in what can only be described as less than ideal conditions.

Low key light.

Saffron. Vocalist & front-woman of Republica. ©Jim Jimmy James (2014).

Low key light.

Dr. Clive frontman for Doctor and The Medics. ©Jim Jimmy James (2014).

A couple of images I’m actually very happy with and have had positive feedback from both of the performers. One directly and one indirectly.

If they are happy then I guess I should be happy.

Thanks for stopping and looking at my images.

Jim Jimmy James.

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