Happy my name isn’t Smith!

I blogged about wanting feedback on my images and told you that I had a Flickr account. Its a great place to get ideas and inspiration.

For some reason I decided to search for people that have the same surname as me. Don’t ask!

I’m not able to comment on whether they are born with my surname, married into the name, are adopted or like Johnny Marr, changed their name from any one of the derivative spellings found for the surname.

Marr supposedly pre dates the Scottish clan feudal system. I type that like I am some authority on the matter, I’m not. It is just something I have heard over the years and I have no definitive answers regarding any substance in that statement.

Anyway, because we apparently pre date the clan system we are actually a tribe rather than a clan.

We were also supposed to be one of the original seven stewards of Scotland.

Potentially interesting stuff if one was into family tree building. I’m not and before I get distracted into the topic of genealogy I’m going to prevent myself from rambling off course.

Flickr…. Marr…. Is there anyone out there with the same surname as me that comes anywhere near my talent with a camera? [Just in case anyone is now thinking “Arrogant sod!” that was genuinely said tongue in cheek].

I’m looking for feedback and contacts and it makes sense that if we share the same name there is already some sort of connection. At least I can kind of argue some sort of logic and rational behind what could be total madness. Who knows I might even find a long lost relative that just happens to be an awesome photographer and is willing to teach me everything they know. So here goes…..

Hells Teeth!!

52 pages. Wow….Thats a surprising 1,342 photographers to check out. Lordy!

Where to start? Date joined or number of items?

OMG! You know when you start something and you think ‘WHY?’

…..I’m hopeful, so, onwards to the next page……Done!

So what did I find?

There were many profiles with no images, some with very few images and lots of photo-streams that had not been active for a long time. As expected some were/are just photo dumps and rather shockingly one was porn.

There were a handful of duplicates and most were just very very average.

Ultimately I’ve lost a couple of hours of my life.

What kind of a fool would think to look through photographers on flickr because they have the same surname?!

I’m just glad my name isn’t Smith!

One comment

  1. I wouldn’t even try with my surname Jimmy. If you got 1,342, I expect that I would be able to add 100,000 on that, and I’m not even Smith.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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