Speakers’ Corner.

Its been about a month since I posted any images. There is no real reason other than I’ve just being too busy. 

I’m doing a personal project of 100 ‘candid’ strangers that has kind of stalled. I want to get it finished by the end of this year, so, I decided to head along to Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park in London. 

I thought it would be a great place to get some candid shots of people but it wasn’t that busy. It has also changed so much over the years. Much more than I had realised.

With the exception of Tony Allen, “Advocate Heckler” “Anarchist Parasite” & “Mixed Ability Shaman”, the rest of the speakers were religious. The Gent talking about The Qur’an had some younger guys nearby that were getting in the faces of people who questioned anything he said. Not nice to watch and I can imagine some found it intimidating. (Can I point out that I can not confirm if the younger men were with the speaker or acting on their own volition).

The self proclaimed “Advocate Heckler” only had three people in front of him but they did seem to be having a good old fashioned in-depth debate. 

A christian preacher looked like he was healing people. At least that is what I think was going on. He had a big group around him and he was speaking very quietly and placing his hand on people’s heads. 

Another chap, I’m not sure if he was christian or some sort of scientologist was asking that age old question of “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

The speakers were not actually at the corner that I remember where speakers used to gather and they were not very well spread out. It also felt like it was nearly all tourists. I will go back to take more images when I have more time to commit to listening and observing what is going on. Today it felt a bit of a hostile environment so I left them to it. 



Thanks for visiting.

Jim Jimmy James


    1. Its been more than ten years since I actually spent anytime watching people there. But yes, some people were very funny and quick witted, both speakers and hecklers.

      Thanks for comment.


  1. You got some interesting shots Jimmy. I haven’t been there to see the speakers since the mid-70’s. I remember serious men with signs and placards, real shouting matches, and a lot of heckling. It wasn’t much fun.
    Cheers mate, nice to see you back. Pete.
    (Just been to Tony Kyriacou’s wedding. Nice weekend in Eastbourne)

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