Light, light, light, light, light!!!! Its about the light.

I thought picking up a camera and taking photos would be easier than it is. Yep I was expecting to have to learn about different elements of photography but I had no idea what I was really letting myself in for. 

      Time is the biggest thing slowing me down. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to have a full time job, family and social life as well as putting in as many hours with the camera or even the post production side of things as I would like. I should rephrase that from “that I’d like” to ‘that I need’.

      I thought photography was just ‘simply’ photography! 

This is a perception that has changed very quickly. Photography is very much a trade and there are so many different genres in photography that present their own need for a unique approach and individual understanding. Each of these also has a sub category. 

      For instance, portrait photography could be an individual, a family, people and pets or just pets. All seem to need a slightly different approach.  

      How about Black & White photography? I thought this was simply photography without colour. I tried this and I found that I was most definitely wrong. 

In black and white the shadows and highlights become much more important. Black & white photographers seem to have an understanding and ability to explore tones, textures & shapes. 

      Event photography such as weddings or concerts. Action photos such as sporting events, commercial photography, documentary photography dealing with politics, journalism, social issues………..

      The list goes on & my point is that I have seen images that I like or absolutely love yet have never considered that there is a huge amount going on in each individual genre of photography. 

       In my last blog, I mentioned that Marc Weber guitarist with Go Groove had contacted me to correct me on an issue that came up whilst I was photographing them. He kindly sent me a link to his parents web site. Although I have said that each genre appears to need its own unique approach, I had a look at the web link that Marc sent me. As a wedding site, they (His folks) clearly have their work cut out for them. I would not like the pressure of capturing someones special day. 

They have the day time shots for the ceremony, portraits as well as the evening images to think about. All have one common element, ‘Light’. 

      Thinking back about images I have been drawn to in the past, they tend to be  documentary, concert and street photography in nature or it is very much to do with light and the way it is used for particular images. 

      I know that this is going to sound so so so boring but here is a link to some photos of a guitar cable. I was given the task of taking something boring and playing around with light. The images were taken in December last year which is when I decided to get my first ‘grown up camera’. Funny that although that was a little task set for me by a friend, it is only now, after looking at a few different photographers & genres that the role light plays has only just sunk in. 

      Light, light, light, light, light!!!!  Its about the light.

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