Over exposed!

This is intentionally over exposed but how would you know that if I didn’t tell you?
If I didn’t tell you, would you think it was a badly taken photo?
Now you know it, do you still think its a badly taken photo?IMG_0158

This image is Viv The Spiv who I met at a vintage fare whilst on a project.

As part of the project I took a more widely acceptable exposed image. Once I had ‘the safe’ image it was time to play.

Here I have been able to produce an image pretty much as I had anticipated.

I’m not the first person to play with different exposures and I am pretty sure I will not be the last.
I think its important to experiment and learn from experimenting.

Every now and then, every photographer should step outside of the norm…

its fun!

I’d like to thank viv the spiv for agreeing to be photographed. Please take a look at his website: Viv The Spiv

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James