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“Point & Shoot”

In my previous blog I commented on how I would like to develop my skill and understanding of photography, moving away from just ‘Point & Shoot’.  

 That is not to say there is something wrong with point and shoot; far from it.

 Composition is a key element of great photography and I’d suggest with some elements of photography it makes no difference if you have a disposable camera or equipment worth thousands; getting the basics right, such as composition, is one of the first steps to improving how our photographs look. 

 Today we can’t escape ‘Point & Shoot’ because those that have a mobile phone also have a camera. I was fortunate enough to be given a Canon S100 as a present and I try to carry this around with me as often as I can. Again, at this stage of my photography the S100 is far more capable than I know how to use to do it justice. But as with any small camera, like our mobile phones the ‘Point & Shoot’ devices are light weight, easy to carry, very useful for learning composition & if you have one with you it means you have the chance to capture either those fun moments with family and friends, the odd, funny, curious and maybe even news worthy!

 Below are a few pictures that I obviously would have missed if I didn’t have a camera with me. I’ve also missed plenty more because I keep forgetting about the camera on my phone. (I might have to remember that as a “Top Tip”).ImageLooks like there is not enough CCTV in my city and even the trees have been recruited to keep an eye on us.



ImageTo try and make the most of my camera I joined a Flickr group that sets a challenge every week. I had to get a photo of a stranger and happened to stumble across Keira Rathbone. A very talented artist that was exhibiting and working at the small gallery in The Joe Strummer underpass at Edgware Road on the junction with Harrow Road, London.ImageThe Royal Marines attempting a world record marathon distance while carrying weighted bergens and riffles to raise funds for The Royal Marines Association.

ImageDaleks on Westminster Bridge.

  Two of the above photographs were taken on an entry level dSLR and the other two with a point and shoot. If I hadn’t taken these images and I was asked to pick which was taken by what type of camera I doubt very much that I would pick correctly but then I am very much the novice.

  What I can tell you is that a Dalek picture very similar to mine made it to press. I would suggest that on a slow news day a local paper might even be interested in one of the four pictures. Not necessarily for cash but you may get a credit as a Citizen Journalist.   

   I know nothing about citizen journalism or how to get your pictures published so can not comment any further. That said, I was accidentally published, I say accidentally because I knew nothing about it until the picture was on the news & someone else had taken credit for it. 

  I guess learning how to protect my own images is something I should look at. In the mean time can I point out that all images are my own and If on the off chance you see something you’d like to use, please send me a message and ask. 

  As I have said before, I am learning, teaching myself so if anyone wants to comment or give helpful hints on the photos or topic, please do. 

 For the time being I will continue using what ever I have on me (Must remember my phone has a camera) and practice composition.

   Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.