365 photography weeks 16, 17, 18 and 19.

One of the good things about living in London or I guess any big city is that if you are out and about you can sometimes come across things that are not routine such as this advert that was being shot.


Fuji XT2 © Jim Jimmy James

I’d been at a curry night with some friends and didn’t feel like I had photographed anything I wanted to show and halfway across the Thames (on the millennium bridge) I decided to try and get a bit arty with the shot of The City of London.

I think it worked okay.


Fuji XT2 © Jim Jimmy James


When I took the photo above it was just because I liked the light and this was going to be my safe shot. By safe shot what I actually mean is that this was going to be a rescue shot incase I didn’t get anything else throughout the day.


iPhone ©Jim Jimmy James 

Hard at work. While the image might not look like they are terribly busy they caught a lot of people on their phones and a couple without insurance… Good job.

A much better few weeks for me in terms of finding something interesting to photograph but I was finding it pretty demanding finding time to upload the images.

Thanks for stopping and having a look.

If you are about to undertake a 365 photo project why not share your link in comments and I can have a look and see how you are doing.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James