Book review number 2

Another book review.

This is not something I ever planned on doing but its photography related & about blogging!



I’m going to keep this very short and very simple…. Had I of read this book before starting to blog I am not sure I would have ever started keeping my wee diary-blog. I found the book a tad daunting when it suggested finding a niche, planning and having a target audience. But reading the book after already starting to blog has given me a little insight into things I can consider for the future.

The book has switched me onto some really useful sites where I can learn techniques that will hopefully improve my images. I’m not going to tell you what or where they are; the author has done all the hard work so it would be wrong for me to just list a handful of these useful photography sites.

Another thing the book highlights is that reviewers should be upfront about being sponsored or paid. For the record, I’m not sponsored or paid. Nor do I know the author or anyone involved with the production or distribution of this book. Although I would of course be happy to have a peek & review anything they want to send me.

Naturally that also goes for any camera and lens manufacturers!!

To the point:  Would I recommend this book?

Yes actually I would. Its well laid out, straight forward, easy to read and I personally found it very useful. I’ll be keeping this book on a shelf for future reference.

I hardly get time to read photography books (Actually I don’t get much time to read anything) so please feel free to add your opinions on this book and please also tell me if there are other photography books you think would be useful.

Kind regards,

Jim Jimmy James


  1. Given the plethora of photography blogs Jimmy, it should prove to be a useful tool. Being a little old fashioned, (not me-surely?) I might say that a good photograph will always find an audience. However, in this modern electronic, here today, gone tomorrow age, finding your target market, or niche, sounds like very good advice.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

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