The British Museum.

Architectural photography. I think its all lines, angles and abstracts? 

I see some images that look great but I can not put my finger on what makes them stand out. 

So here are a few images from a trip to The British Museum today. 

I’m fairly happy with them but as usual, I think I will revisit this genre and try to improve. 

Constructive criticism is always welcome (As long as its constructive). 



As I’ve loaded these and had another look, I’m wondering if I should have batch edited them with the same exposure, white balance and contrast. I think maybe I should have as it would probably tie them together better. 


Cheers for stopping and looking. 


Jim Jimmy or James. 


  1. OK, constructive…I like the fourth one down best, for the tight crop and the curves. But only the foreground is sharp (on my monitor at least) and my personal taste would be for the whole shot to have front to back sharpness, say f16-f22. Naturally, I don’t know the conditions, so just surmising…I might have also cropped closer on the stairs. On my screen, they all seem a bit soft, so I don’t know what the focus was set on, but it seems that only the foreground is sharp in most of them as well. That could well have been intentional.
    I have seen a lot of shots of these features in the BM, so I am a bit spoilt.Have a look at this for inspiration. (slideshow format)
    It was probably shot on a field camera, so I am not comparing. Keep going, and keep enjoying it. All the best, Pete.

  2. I think you’ve got a great eye for architecture photography. I like the way you’ve captured the lines, curves and angles.

    I think many architecture photos benefit from being in black and white, or toned either in blue, like a cyanotype. It means you don’t need to worry about white balance, and a building which is pretty monochrome anyway benefits from this sort of treatment.

    It’s a nice set of photos, though. Well done!

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