New year, same old goal.

So its a New Year but I have the same goal that I started with last year; to take better pictures.

I was thinking about taking part in a 365 day project. My thought process was that it would make me carry my camera and make me take photos of things I wouldn’t normally snap. 

Two things concerned me with this. One was that I would get bored and stop; that there’d be a danger that I’d lose interest if I had to do it every day. The second reason was that I don’t want to post images for the sake of posting a photo.

I do need a project to keep me thinking and challenge me to use my camera. So I joined a 52 week project on Flickr. There are not many in the group; just 32 I think. There are other groups running 52 week themes but hopefully with this being a small group I will get some useful feed back on the images I produce.

The 52 week project also gives me a bit of breathing space to think about the weeks topic and give me the best opportunity to produce the best image I can get within the timeframe. All while holding down a full time job with an unsocial shift pattern. 

This weeks subject was ‘Chocolate’. So here it is, my first image for my 2014 – 52 week project and my first post here for 2014. 



Thank you for taking time to look at my post and image.

I hope you had a good christmas and that 2014 brings you happiness. 


Jim Jimmy James.

One comment

  1. Tricky lighting Jimmy, but you got some nice feature on the label, and the chocolate coins.
    Glad to hear you are going to carry on. It can only become more enjoyable.
    Happy 2014 to you and your family, and best wishes as always. Pete.

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